Monday, February 04, 2008

Sorry for the lapse! Caspian was sick for a week, then I joined him on Friday. Mr. Faucet-Nose and I are still fighting it (mostly because Caspian nurses a LOT more when he's sick and also doesn't sleep...which means I don't either). Last night, though, God be praised, we slept for 7½ hours then 2½ hours! Caspian cupped my chin in his sleep, which was wonderful.

Right before I got sick, we finally got to use Caspian's Christmas present from Aunt Steph and Uncle Stu: a gift card to Once Upon a Child. We figured it was about time, since all of Caspian's pants are fast becoming capris. Here is Caspian showing his gratitude for his present (technically only half his present, as we saved the rest for future use).

After just one time having quesadillas for dinner, the next time he saw them Caspian said "dee-ya!" WOW! He also says "uh oh" and "boat" and "duck". He signs "socks" and "shoes" and "cereal" and "elephant" and "excuse me" now. We're trying to teach him "wet" and "poopy" so he can alert us to diaper status.

My blog is ticking me off a little. Whenever there's a table in the HTML code, the blog automatically puts a bazillion spaces above it (see below). There's no way to remove them in the code, either. Grrr...

Here are the major presidential candidate's current financial situations, courtesy of the FEC. Isn't it interesting to see the difference between how much cash they have and how much debt they have? Yay, American freedom of information!
CLINTON, HILLARY RODHAMPRES$118,301,658$80,353,784$37,947,874$4,987,42512/31/2007
GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W.PRES$60,238,856$48,476,576$12,776,812$1,166,50912/31/2007
HUCKABEE, MIKEPRES$9,003,808$7,107,362$1,896,445$97,67612/31/2007
MCCAIN, JOHN SPRES$40,383,022$37,907,049$2,948,427$4,516,03012/31/2007
OBAMA, BARACKPRES$103,802,535$85,176,287$18,626,248$792,68112/31/2007
PAUL, RONPRES$28,219,349$20,379,929$7,839,420$012/31/2007
ROMNEY, MITTPRES$90,076,401$87,644,953$2,431,447$35,350,00012/31/2007

If you're curious about how any other candidates are faring, you can check their public records on the FEC's website! Just choose "U.S. President" and any other criteria you want.