Wednesday, December 27, 2006

good picture...

good lighting...

For Christmas, Caspian got a "buddy" (I refuse to call it a doll) from the ILs that we named "Toby," which was soaked up to the armpit from being in Mr. Teether's mouth. It has a cow bell inside, and Caspian just adores it. My mom bought herself a Pooh walker to keep at her house, which Caspian thoroughly enjoyed.

flossing with the paci keeper

as long as there's something in his mouth...poor Toby...

Caspian has just been talking up a storm recently! He's even added a high-pitched squeal to the end of some sentences.

Last night, Charlie was handing Caspian down to me on the couch to eat, and Caspian threw himself forward in anticipation, banging his forehead into my nose! Three seconds later, he started to wail. To console himself, he thrust his face into my shoulder...banging that same place on his forehead! He was so confused, poor baby.

Can you believe he was ever this small?

We decided at the last minute to go with the ILs to South Carolina this weekend to see Charlie's grandma, who's never met Caspian. We'll leave Saturday and return Monday. I'm so tired of being out of town, I wish we could stay home and still see her.

Happy almost-New Year!


Tummy Time with Daddy

Perching Atop Daddy

Chewing on Technicolor Giraffes

Friday, December 22, 2006

Caspian rolled front-to-back yesterday and thoroughly startled himself! He won't roll the other way because he enjoys looking the light fixture too much.

Caspian burned his fingers last week! I had microwaved a pot pie, then chopped it up and let it cool. I carried it into the living room with Caspian on my other hip, and when I leaned over to set it on the table, he reached out and grabbed a handful! All was silent for a few seconds, then he started shrieking and crying. For a while afterwards, his palm was really sensitive to touch, but about 15 minutes later he was back to grasping with it. He'd never done anything like that before, but now I'm always on the lookout for Mr. Grabby-Fingers. I think the metal-coated pie plate must've brushed his knuckles, because they did stay red and peel a little.

Caspian has some really dense spit-up sometimes, that sticks and spreads like a web. I said to him, "You're a sticky spit man! It's like Spider-man in your mouth!" ...cracked myself up, anyway.

You all have to see this! It's long but it's incredible. Those men are also the members of the band that's playing.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Caspian had a steadily increasing fever all last week, topping off at 103.8 degrees. It was back down to 99-something Thursday night and he was sweating, so we thought it was over...until I woke at 2:30 a.m. Friday to him having a seizure. I'm so glad we were co-sleeping, because I wouldn't have heard him choking if he was in the other room. He started out gasping and clawing at his throat (because it was seizing closed), then started shaking all over and rolling his eyes back. Between shaking episodes he'd just look at me all confused and scared, without even crying. We took an ambulance to the ER and were there until 11 a.m. It was a febrile seizure, which happens when kids' temps jump a lot in a short period of time. Apparently it's pretty common. They had to draw blood from his arm and get a urine sample using a catheter, so the poor guy was pretty traumatized by the end of the morning. The whole fever thing turned out to be a UTI, which is also common with runny-poop infants (since it can easily slide up the urethra when they squirt it out). He started one antibiotic Friday, but they called us to switch it on Sunday because it wasn't effective against the bacteria in his urine sample. That one was so rough on his stomach he was up all Sunday night and all day Monday, screaming and doubling up. He switched to a third antibiotic Monday night, and that only seems to affect him only a little, praise God.

All About Caspian:

* Our 4-month with the new ped was uneventful. He didn't know what a Boppy was. Caspian is 27.5" long, 16" around the head, weighs 16lbs 9oz, and was pronounced "very strong" and "just perfect." He's so tall (past 95%ile) that he isn't fat...except for his Michelin thighs, which Charlie and I call "chubbers." He definitely has teeth coming in, too.

* When I look at Caspian, put food in my mouth, make exaggerated chewing motions, and say, "Mmmm -- yummy!" he licks and smacks his lips in the cutest way! He's eyeing our food, too.

* When he needs a diaper change, he spits and blows raspberries with his lips only. He doesn't do it every time his diaper's dirty, but every time he does it it's accurate. He's also been holding his thighs back (like when I was in labor ) so I can wipe him, but recently he's started grabbing and pinching his penis! It doesn't seem to hurt him...

* Whenever Caspian sits in his bouncy seat now, he grabs the dangling giraffe, lifts up his legs to counterbalance, and sits up to get the giraffe in his mouth! He just gnaws on those little plastic legs like there's no tomorrow.

All About Me:

* My little brother (AF pilot) got deployed to the Middle East last Tuesday. He wasn't supposed to go until February, but he got bumped up just 2 weeks beforehand because the last guy got a last-minute reassignment. Please pray for his new wife, who relocated from Colorado to D.C. in September and doesn't have a local support structure. They'll miss his birthday and Christmas together.

* My Mary Kay conference in PA was awesome and inspiring. I have a huge new goal for Seminar in July and will be pushing to get part of it done by December 15 (next Friday) since I barely got any work in while Caspian was sick. if anybody needs stocking stuffers or Christmas gift ideas (or wants her own wish list shared with her husband), I do free gift wrapping and shipping!

* Thanksgiving was really good. Caspian broke into a huge grin every single time he saw my grandma, which really made her week. The weather was fantastic, and we got to see my childhood best friend and her 7 month old . She and Caspian kept trying to grab each other and missing, but they loved it.

* We were in Dayton for two days this weekend, for more MK training. This time, it was a 7-hour makeup workshop with a professional makeup artist! It was SOOOO great. I can't wait to use those techniques in makeovers!

* We're officially finished traveling for the year. Being out of state three out of the last four weekends has been really taxing on Charlie and Caspian. We're glad to be putting down roots again. Who knows if we'll even get anything decorated for Christmas...we're so worn out.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

This is how Cre8tive Group-ies spend their time.

Dan Sutton (right) and Steve "Thor" Thorson created a secret handshake with each other, adding one "move" for each day of the three months Dan spent working at the Cre8tive Group

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Caspian rolled over today! Well, halfway, anyway. He was laying on the bed on his tummy and leaned so he was over on one shoulder. I got behind him and called to him until he flipped over to see me. Boy, was he surprised to see the ceiling! I set him back up on his tummy, and he did it again! I got the camera and tried to get him to do it again, but by then he was ready to get up, of course.

He also did something neat on the changing table. Normally, I take his arms and legs out of his PJs and give him my fingers so he'll sit up, then I pull the PJs out and lay him back down. Well today, little mister man pulled up alright, but he squatted on his feet instead of sitting on his bottom! The little show-off.

We bought this shirt because it has rockets and spaceships on it (Charlie is a Trekkie). Charlie was choked up when he came home and found Caspian actually fitting into it!

Caspian fell asleep on Charlie while watching a little family TV. I love the way he's gripping Charlie's watch.

I can't believe he's still asleep! Caspian ate at noon, then fell asleep in the swing around 1. He's twitched a few times, but never fully woken up! Poor thing -- his right eye is gooped shut. [l] ETA - Looks like another 3.5 hour nap!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I read a Baby Einstein book to Caspian while we waited for Charlie in Wal-Mart last night, and Caspian was just captivated! Every page had a mirror on it, but he stared the most at the page with the sun on it -- he was riveted. When the picture of the monkey came up, he broke into the biggest giggle grin! It was awesome.

He took TWO 3.5-hour naps yesterday AND slept through the night! Maybe he's having a growth spurt. I was shocked that he just kept on sleeping.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When I left for tutoring on Monday, I had to drop Charlie off at work on my way. My mom had Caspian in our living room, and we kissed him goodbye and opened the door...and Caspian lost it! His face crumpled and he started sobbing and wailing! We never in a million years thought he'd understand this early (or care) that we were leaving. I realized also that Charlie and I have never both left him together before.
When we came back, I came through the door and held my arms out to him. He broke into a smile, spread his arms out, and lifted his whole upper body away from my mom -- as if to say, "Take me, mommy!"

He's also started playing a game where he'll fuss to eat, but when I lay him in front of me to nurse, he'll rotate his entire upper body away from me, throw out his arm, and stare with intent interest at the ceiling. I'll tease his mouth a little with my bbs to get him to turn back and suck, but he only does it for one or two sucks before he flings himself over again. He knows he's playing, too, because the little stinker grins at me when he pulls away.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

We went shopping today for supplies for my Mary Kay gift baskets for the holidays (I do free gift wrapping and shipping for all my customers). I love "presentation" and all that, so this part is really fun for me! I scored a bunch of top-notch baskets at Goodwill, too.

Caspian is now going 8 hours between his night feedings (and waking up dry)! Hooray for sleep!!!

(especially) PARENTS:
Need a good laugh-till-you-cry? Try these: #1 and #2.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Charlie and I dress up in medieval garb every year, so Caspian was the dragon who terrorizes our village. He fell asleep on Daddy halfway down Main Street, but woke up at Grandma's. My mom was all over his cute little dragon self!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Charlie just came home and kissed Caspian "hello." Caspian had just woken up a little earlier and was still lying on the Boppy, facing me -- so when Charlie kissed his head, Caspian didn't see it coming and didn't see who it was. Upon feeling the kisses, he looked up at me and saw that it wasn't me doing it -- and freaked out! The look on his face was unmistakably one of utter shock. I pulled him upright so he would be able to see Charlie, but he stuck out his poochie lip, crumpled his face, and broke into a big wail! He was so confused and freaked out, poor baby.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday was Caspian's first "day out" in the Moby! Charlie wore him for the town Arts & Crafts Festival, then left the Moby on to use in BRU and Wal-Mart. Everybody stopped us to ask what the Moby was. Caspian was just chillin' the whole time. We had him facing out with his legs dangling, and he was so content! At the end of the day, Charlie didn't want to put him down because he was so used to wearing him. I told him, "Now you know why I didn't want anyone else to hold him early on -- he was mine for nine months!"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"See Our Breasts"
(Sing to the tune of "Be Our Guest," from Beauty and the Beast.)

See our breasts, see our breasts --
Everywhere, half-naked chests.
While we nurse,
The prudish curse
And wish we'd button up our vests.
Sorry, folks, look away
If we're too decollete,
But this is what boobs are made for,
Not those Wonderbras you've paid for.
We refuse to go feed
Hunched in bathroom stalls -- indeed!
We're appalled that you would make such rude requests.
Would you agree to eat
Upon a toilet seat?
See our breasts, see our breasts, free our breasts!