Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caspian's been a crankypants the last couple of days. He'll be playing on the floor and suddenly start whimpering for me to pick him up, like he's really unhappy. I'll pick him up, and he'll lay his head on my shoulder then sit up and struggle to get down.

His next top tooth looks like it's finally breaking through. He's been taking 3-hour naps the last couple of days but he's been so unhappy, and he's been really weird on the changing table. He hasn't had a poopy diaper since last Tuesday, which I attributed to the banana he ate. It's been so long, though, maybe it's whatever it was last time he went a week between poos. He has been eating "off our plates" lately, so he may just be backed up because of that...? The last couple of days, though, whenever I get his diaper off, he starts grabbing at/squeezing himself and crying! He's so rough, I'm afraid he'll hurt himself. There's no rash, bug bite, or discolored area or anything. What's wrong with him?

He loves looking out the window, wherever we are, but all of ours at home are up high. We have a bookshelf right underneath the one in the office, and sometimes we'll stand him up there and hold him while he looks out. He could stay there all day, if we let him. He and the cats do it together. He just recently discovered the blinds rotater stick -- a perfect "handle" (like he's on the subway). I adore the dainty pointed toe.

Caspian's big thing now is "taking a bite" out of stuff. He likes taking his own bite out of bread, fruit, whatever we're eating. I have to watch him, though, because he will take a gigantic bite if you let him. He looks like such a grown-up little man when he does it. His actual meals, though, are all taken at the Breastaurant.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(You know how long it's been since I posted because I went back into my Notepad doc and changed "yesterday" to "last Thursday". )

My longies came! He wore them for the first time this morning. I had to majorly roll the waistband and cuff the legs, so they are going to fit him for a loooong time! I already love using wool as his cover. I like peeling them off and not smelling the ammonia/urine smell like I do with his PUL diaper covers.

Caspian in his large Babyology longies (with his just-woke-up face)

I love watching Caspian drop things on purpose just so he can hear the sound it makes or just so he can pick it up and do it again.

I did a perfect job at applying my eye makeup last Thursday, finishing with a coat of mascara. I was admiring my handiwork in the mirror, when all of a sudden...I sneezed. I was afraid to open my eyes, because I knew what I'd see -- wet mascara rimming the tops of my cheeks! There couldn't have been a less-perfect moment to sneeze.

Caspian stood unaided for about five seconds last Thursday! We were playing on the bed together when he pulled himself up to a standing position...and let go with his hands! It was really funny, because we were playing our animal sounds game ("What does a doggy say? Arf, arf!"), and I had just said, "What does mommy say?" Normally I answer, "I love you!" but he stood up right at that moment, so what came out was "Oh my gosh! Look at you!" He's also started climbing up to perch on this under-the-bed-sized Rubbermaid container I have in the office. He sits up there to play with a stack of books, but he eventually falls off because he's sitting right on the edge. I've started putting my feet up behind him as a backrest. We don't have stairs, but he's pretty good at climbing up the box!

Friday morning he said "kih-kih-kih" when we were talking about the kitties.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh, yeah. Newest solid to add to the list: double chocolate Godiva cheesecake from Starbucks. Just a tiny bit, but it was plenty!

I felt so horrible last night. I was changing Caspian's diaper in the car and went to snap the bottom of his overalls, but it wouldn't stretch because he was chewing on the top of the bib. I gave them a small tug, and he started crying!? I'm guessing he'd actually been chewing on the metal fastening, because blood welled up around one of his top teeth! I was freaked out (and so was he) -- scared that I'd damaged his tooth or something -- but Charlie didn't think it was a big deal. Caspian stopped crying after a while and it stopped bleeding after a minute or so, but he whimpered again whenever I tried to get a look in his mouth...
While he protested being on the changing table this afternoon, I was able to see inside his mouth...and noticed a small cut on the gum above the tooth where he was bleeding last night. Must be from his overall buckle. No wonder it hurt.

Here are some neat-o videos on YouTube:

super cool commercial

for you science-y types

This guy would be a good artist anyway, but on such a scale?!

Talk about humbling...and we think America is big stuff?

Seriously, that's a three year-old fingerpainting?

And oh, yes -- his first diaper mystery has been solved. It was something grandma gave him while he was at her house Friday.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Charlie and I were supposed to go to my MK unit potluck on Friday night (first time out without Caspian), but my director got sick. Since my parents were already babysitting, Charlie and I decided to take the plunge and go out on a real date anyway. We took a Mambo class at Arthur Murray -- our first time back to the ballroom since I got pregnant! It was SUCH a blast, we can't wait to go back. An hour of Mambo is a great workout, let me tell you! It was so intense, my ab muscles were contracted for 10 minutes after leaving. I'd forgotten how passionately I love dancing. We'd love to do it once a week, but I think we'll commit to once a month, for sure.

I bought wool! My first DiaperSwappers purchase. We spent $15ppd for some Babyology longies. ((wiggle, wiggle)) I'd still love shorties for summer, but I am SUPER excited.

Alright, all you wannabe-sleuths out there. We found something in his diaper last night that I cannot identify. It has the letters "GE" on one side and some kind of logo on the back. Any guesses?

Here's a rotated close-up of the backside. I think it says "Licensed Product" and "NA_CO" or "WA_CO"? WDYT? Anyone recognize the logo?

Okay, after seeing it that close, I truly apologize for these gross images.