Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caspian's been a crankypants the last couple of days. He'll be playing on the floor and suddenly start whimpering for me to pick him up, like he's really unhappy. I'll pick him up, and he'll lay his head on my shoulder then sit up and struggle to get down.

His next top tooth looks like it's finally breaking through. He's been taking 3-hour naps the last couple of days but he's been so unhappy, and he's been really weird on the changing table. He hasn't had a poopy diaper since last Tuesday, which I attributed to the banana he ate. It's been so long, though, maybe it's whatever it was last time he went a week between poos. He has been eating "off our plates" lately, so he may just be backed up because of that...? The last couple of days, though, whenever I get his diaper off, he starts grabbing at/squeezing himself and crying! He's so rough, I'm afraid he'll hurt himself. There's no rash, bug bite, or discolored area or anything. What's wrong with him?

He loves looking out the window, wherever we are, but all of ours at home are up high. We have a bookshelf right underneath the one in the office, and sometimes we'll stand him up there and hold him while he looks out. He could stay there all day, if we let him. He and the cats do it together. He just recently discovered the blinds rotater stick -- a perfect "handle" (like he's on the subway). I adore the dainty pointed toe.

Caspian's big thing now is "taking a bite" out of stuff. He likes taking his own bite out of bread, fruit, whatever we're eating. I have to watch him, though, because he will take a gigantic bite if you let him. He looks like such a grown-up little man when he does it. His actual meals, though, are all taken at the Breastaurant.


chewymama said...

awh, poor Caspian! Jayna acts like that when she is teething too - except not the 3hr nap part. That is nice! Oh and she grabs herself all the time too LOL - always has. They can be soooo rough. The boys used to pull on theirs and freak us out but I promise it will be ok. Maybe try feeding him some prunes? ;)

Matthew & Kate said...

So, where are the updates? You do know that I check this thing daily, right?! Hope all is well. Have a great week!