Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(You know how long it's been since I posted because I went back into my Notepad doc and changed "yesterday" to "last Thursday". )

My longies came! He wore them for the first time this morning. I had to majorly roll the waistband and cuff the legs, so they are going to fit him for a loooong time! I already love using wool as his cover. I like peeling them off and not smelling the ammonia/urine smell like I do with his PUL diaper covers.

Caspian in his large Babyology longies (with his just-woke-up face)

I love watching Caspian drop things on purpose just so he can hear the sound it makes or just so he can pick it up and do it again.

I did a perfect job at applying my eye makeup last Thursday, finishing with a coat of mascara. I was admiring my handiwork in the mirror, when all of a sudden...I sneezed. I was afraid to open my eyes, because I knew what I'd see -- wet mascara rimming the tops of my cheeks! There couldn't have been a less-perfect moment to sneeze.

Caspian stood unaided for about five seconds last Thursday! We were playing on the bed together when he pulled himself up to a standing position...and let go with his hands! It was really funny, because we were playing our animal sounds game ("What does a doggy say? Arf, arf!"), and I had just said, "What does mommy say?" Normally I answer, "I love you!" but he stood up right at that moment, so what came out was "Oh my gosh! Look at you!" He's also started climbing up to perch on this under-the-bed-sized Rubbermaid container I have in the office. He sits up there to play with a stack of books, but he eventually falls off because he's sitting right on the edge. I've started putting my feet up behind him as a backrest. We don't have stairs, but he's pretty good at climbing up the box!

Friday morning he said "kih-kih-kih" when we were talking about the kitties.

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