Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Charlie fed Caspian with a cup tonight! Well, he got him to suck on it, anyway. Charlie thinks Caspian just doesn't like thawed milk. He tried two different bottle dates, too.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Caspian's first tooth is visible! It broke through this evening. You can barely see it poking through, but it's definite toothage. . It's the front-center-right tooth, on the bottom.

Also, he refused to take naps all day -- even in the car! Well, around 10pm he was sitting up in bed with us, completely hyper and awake. I commented to him that he had more energy than I thought he should, for as tired as he should be. Literally moments later, I looked at him -- he had folded over onto his legs, sound asleep! We took another pic, but I haven't uploaded it yet.
Mr. Crankypants won't take a decent nap today unless I'm holding him, so I turned the lights out and put him next to me in the swing with Toby, a blanket, and a book for quiet time. Hoping he'll fall asleep on his own before my customer gets here at 2:15 to shop.
Little stinker just threw out Toby and the book, then grinned at me. Now he's chat-chat-chatting away...

Monday, February 26, 2007


I think we're going to have to get him an excersaucer at OUaC. He's outgrown (agility-wise, not size-wise) the bouncy seat and the Bumbo both, and he can't sit up straight enough in the swing for his liking. We don't have a P'n'P either. We get Caspian through mommy-has-to-do-makeup time thanks to Dixie cups. He flips himself over pretty frequently (especially front-to-back), but no crawling yet. I'm kind of worried a little, but not too much yet...

We really need to reevaluate Caspian's bedtime. He usually naps three or four times throughout the day -- an hour or less if it's on our bed, 1-2 hours if he's in my arms, and sometimes up to 3 hours if he's in the swing. We put him in his pjs at his "around 9" diaper change. He eats between 9 and 10:30, then either falls asleep eating or crankies out until he falls asleep at 11. It's always been that way, but we'd really like to get a better schedule established.

We just started using Hyland's Teething Tablets a couple weeks ago, and they're great. Caspian hasn't slept through for a week, but it's partly because he has had a dry, hacking cough.

At the moment, Caspian is enthralled with looking at himself in the papasan swing's underneath mirror. His newest self-imposed task is grabbing the fabric back between the swing's legs (when he's turned to the side). I noticed that the clicking was off the other day and then saw that he had tethered himself to that backing with both hands, stilling the swing!

His current front-runner toy is his soft Where's Elmo? Peek-a-Boo Book from Wal-Mart. He even fell asleep reading it today (that's mommy's boy!). We need to get him some more soft books.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Charlie wore Caspian face-out in the Moby at the mall for a few hours today. Usually we just put his carseat in the stroller, but we wanted to give him some "out" time. We always get "looks" when we wear him (especially if it's Daddy doing the wearing), but they're always with smiles. We took him out for a while to play, but when he got cranky, we put him back in facing Daddy and he fell right asleep. When we tried to put him back in his carseat to go home later, he pitched a verbal fit! It was a new type of cry for him -- pure annoyance!
Did you know that Fayette Mall has a nursing room? They put one in when they remodeled the food court, and it has a glider with ottoman, changing counter and sink, piped-in music with adjustable volume, and a locking door that says "occupied" like on an airplane! It's fantastic.

He ate on the right (laying on the right! ) at the mall, and is pretty good about eating from it (still laying on the left ) when he's hungry or tired.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When Caspian woke up this morning, I pretended to be asleep and just let him play, to see what he'd do. I love watching him. He babbled and talked to himself the whole time. First, he wanted to sit up, so I helped him from behind a little. He played with the blankets and his hands...and then he found my belly button! He could not figure out what the heck that was. He leaned over and stuck his face in it, stuck his fingers in it, and smacked it, but it never responded. He did a couple other really cool things that I wanted to remember, but didn't get to write down in time. He went for 20 minutes before he decided he was finished.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Caspian is obsessed with bottles and cups. I had my empty 2-liter with me when I walked in on a diaper change last night. He wanted that bottle, so I let him play with it -- he knew just what to do!

Last night in his bath, Caspian sat up and splashed for three or four minutes before we started washing him. You can see the evidence of his exuberance in the waves and on the mirror/wall next to the tub.

Any time he started to wobble, he'd grab the side of the tub instinctually. I was nervous, but he never slipped!

Monday, February 19, 2007

We don't have a shopping cart seat cover, but I think we'll need to get one soon. My parents took us to Frisch's last night, and Caspian got tired of being in the carseat sling. We put him in a highchair (after a busboy sprayed it down with bleach water), and he loved it...but my skin was still crawling at the thought.

Wow. MASSIVE diarrhea diaper. And the grunts sound so innocent...

He finally cut it back down to one false-wake and one feed last night. Boy, did that feel good.

ETA: I scrolled down to show Caspian some pictures of himself, and he cracked up when he saw the tickers at the bottom! I kept scrolling them away, then back on screen -- and he giggled every time they appeared!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Poor Caspian and his mucky eyes. They were crusted shut when he woke up, goopy all day, and crusted shut again after each nap. I had to pry some of the stickier blobs from his eyelashes with my fingernails. Blech.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Caspian had three completely soaked diapers in a row -- I mean saturated. Charlie was like, "I just changed him an hour ago! How could he possibly be this wet?" But we could smell it! Who knows why he decided to let it all out in the course of four or five hours.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Found a site with great deals on Britax carseats, but we'd still need beaucoup $$$. We need to get him a convertible soon, though...

Finally trimmed Mr. Man's toenails once he fell asleep this morning. They were looking like old man toenails!

When we were watching Sesame Street this morning, Caspian really responded to the segment where The Count plays his organ to discover the number of the day. Made me think of Duncan...ah ah ah...

Caspian started giving kisses a while ago (grabbing hair/skin on both sides of your face, then pressing and holding his open mouth against yours), but yesterday he started adding something new. Now, he goes "mmmmmm!" while he's kissing! I hadn't realized I'd been doing that when I kissed him until he started doing it back!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Caspian fell asleep yesterday, I noticed him nodding and went to get my camera to capture video of the teetering...when I came back, he was asleep like this:

I pulled Betsy (the Glowworm) out, and Caspian just sank down onto his legs, folded completely in half!
It was hilarious.

I gave him two Hyland's Teething Tablets before BFing this morning, and he stayed on for quite a while! He still broke off and fiddled with his teeth, though, so I may give him 3 next time.

I also had a breakthrough in the right breast boycott last night. Caspian had fallen not-quite-asleep eating at the left breast, so I slid him over on the Boppy (still on his right side, facing me), twisted my upper body around, and popped in the right breast! It was extremely uncomfortable, but at least he ate off of it! It's worked three more times since then, praise God. He won't let me switch arms, though -- I still have to use my left forearm to support his head and my right for breast-propping (which is difficult when my torso is twisted the other way). Whenever I try swiching to a better hand position, he breaks off crying.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We just chilled for Vday. This was our first Vday together in five years (since neither one of us did Singing Valentines with our quartets this year)! Charlie gave me a coupon out of one of those "1001 Ways to Say I Love You" books, for a movie date with popcorn, soda, and candy. I jokingly asked how he planned to pay for all of that, and he said he'd hidden $40! He actually saved it for last Vday, but he thought he'd spent it on something else and just found it this year!

Caspian's been pulling the "I won't take a nap unless it's on mommy" thing lately. Blissfully, he just woke up after a 3½-hour swing-nap... I'm so relieved for him, since he hasn't slept well (day or night) for a while. He also took a very short nap this morning. I had to move him because the poor guy fell asleep during Sesame Street and just folded in half, laying on his legs. I'll post a pic later.

This is the super-cute outfit Caspian got for Christmas from his great-grandparents Fraser.

Well, the bouncy seat is no longer a safe haven for Caspian. He's been pulling himself up on the toy bar for months, and has tried to get his head under it for a while, but now he's decided that it is cruicial to examine whatever's on the floor next to the bouncy seat -- which means leaning over to the side as far as he can, so he can touch the floor. I'm so scared he's going to tip over! He only leans to the left, so I moved the seat over next to the wall, but he hit his head leaning over, so that won't work. I only feel comfortable using it now if I am within arm's reach. How will I ever take a shower again? Lament, lament...