Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We just chilled for Vday. This was our first Vday together in five years (since neither one of us did Singing Valentines with our quartets this year)! Charlie gave me a coupon out of one of those "1001 Ways to Say I Love You" books, for a movie date with popcorn, soda, and candy. I jokingly asked how he planned to pay for all of that, and he said he'd hidden $40! He actually saved it for last Vday, but he thought he'd spent it on something else and just found it this year!

Caspian's been pulling the "I won't take a nap unless it's on mommy" thing lately. Blissfully, he just woke up after a 3½-hour swing-nap... I'm so relieved for him, since he hasn't slept well (day or night) for a while. He also took a very short nap this morning. I had to move him because the poor guy fell asleep during Sesame Street and just folded in half, laying on his legs. I'll post a pic later.

This is the super-cute outfit Caspian got for Christmas from his great-grandparents Fraser.

Well, the bouncy seat is no longer a safe haven for Caspian. He's been pulling himself up on the toy bar for months, and has tried to get his head under it for a while, but now he's decided that it is cruicial to examine whatever's on the floor next to the bouncy seat -- which means leaning over to the side as far as he can, so he can touch the floor. I'm so scared he's going to tip over! He only leans to the left, so I moved the seat over next to the wall, but he hit his head leaning over, so that won't work. I only feel comfortable using it now if I am within arm's reach. How will I ever take a shower again? Lament, lament...

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