Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Valentine's Day, I took Charlie out to eat. I still have a little birthday/Christmas money hoarded, so I decided we'd have a date. We went to Texas Roadhouse because I figured out how we could both get stuffed there for $20. Appetizers are half-priced during weekday Happy Hour, so we got a humongous plate of the best-ever cheese fries for $2.50 and shared a double-chop pork chop dinner (for the two sides, we each got a salad) for $10.99! With two drinks, free rolls with cinnamon butter, and tip, it was $22.

Caspian was up for half an hour tonight, screaming and straining. His BFing is going downhill, too. He 100% refuses eating on the right now, even when asleep. And for the last two days, he won't go a long period on the left, reliably, without either breaking off to cry or sticking his fingers in to massage his gums. He'll eat for a while, then do one of those things, then latch back, then break off, then latch... I don't know what to do.
We tried getting some Hyland's when we were out last night, but Wal-Mart was out.

His eyes were open first this morning, so he reached a hand over to touch my face. Bliss.

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