Friday, February 09, 2007

These were taken within mere moments of each other today. The difference in his hands alone cracks me up!

I finally did my nails today, for the first time since Caspian was born (Golden Ruby, if you're curious). His reaction was hilarious! He grabbed my fingers to put them in his mouth, but stopped with them halfway in...pulled them out, turned them over to stare at my nails...moved them toward his mouth again, stopped, pulled them back out, scrutinized...then decided they were okay to chew on. My only fear is that he'll chew off a flake of polish and swallow it, despite the topcoat.

Before we got out of bed today, too, I pulled Caspian onto my lap, facing me. Then I pulled the sheet up over us both. He was enthralled! There was a whole new blue world he'd never imagined! He grabbed at wrinkles and cackled when I'd fling the sheet off with a "peekaboo!" then pull it back over us again.

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