Friday, February 09, 2007

I dreamt last night that Caspian could crawl.

Speaking of last night, Caspian woke up at 4am (and cried/stirred repeatedly before and afterwards) because his little throat was so dry, he was having coughing fits! We run a humidifier day and night in the bedroom, so I don't know how he could be so dry. Charlie and I have been waking up dry, too, though. Anyway, I ended up sitting up with him to sleep, since that was the only way he didn't cough. He didn't want to lay on me on his tummy or back, so I had to hold him on his side against my chest. Whenever my arms went lax, he slipped a little, so I didn't sleep for a very long time. Ow, my back.

After Charlie left, we laid down cuddled face-to-face like normal. When Caspian woke up an two hours later, I rolled him over onto his back to play next to me while I dozed a little longer. My snooze alarm sounded in the form of a few good whacks in the face. He'd look at me, give me a full-arm smack, then look into my eyes again. He was startled, though, when I finally said, "Good morning."

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