Monday, February 19, 2007

We don't have a shopping cart seat cover, but I think we'll need to get one soon. My parents took us to Frisch's last night, and Caspian got tired of being in the carseat sling. We put him in a highchair (after a busboy sprayed it down with bleach water), and he loved it...but my skin was still crawling at the thought.

Wow. MASSIVE diarrhea diaper. And the grunts sound so innocent...

He finally cut it back down to one false-wake and one feed last night. Boy, did that feel good.

ETA: I scrolled down to show Caspian some pictures of himself, and he cracked up when he saw the tickers at the bottom! I kept scrolling them away, then back on screen -- and he giggled every time they appeared!

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