Monday, February 26, 2007


I think we're going to have to get him an excersaucer at OUaC. He's outgrown (agility-wise, not size-wise) the bouncy seat and the Bumbo both, and he can't sit up straight enough in the swing for his liking. We don't have a P'n'P either. We get Caspian through mommy-has-to-do-makeup time thanks to Dixie cups. He flips himself over pretty frequently (especially front-to-back), but no crawling yet. I'm kind of worried a little, but not too much yet...

We really need to reevaluate Caspian's bedtime. He usually naps three or four times throughout the day -- an hour or less if it's on our bed, 1-2 hours if he's in my arms, and sometimes up to 3 hours if he's in the swing. We put him in his pjs at his "around 9" diaper change. He eats between 9 and 10:30, then either falls asleep eating or crankies out until he falls asleep at 11. It's always been that way, but we'd really like to get a better schedule established.

We just started using Hyland's Teething Tablets a couple weeks ago, and they're great. Caspian hasn't slept through for a week, but it's partly because he has had a dry, hacking cough.

At the moment, Caspian is enthralled with looking at himself in the papasan swing's underneath mirror. His newest self-imposed task is grabbing the fabric back between the swing's legs (when he's turned to the side). I noticed that the clicking was off the other day and then saw that he had tethered himself to that backing with both hands, stilling the swing!

His current front-runner toy is his soft Where's Elmo? Peek-a-Boo Book from Wal-Mart. He even fell asleep reading it today (that's mommy's boy!). We need to get him some more soft books.

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