Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Caspian fell asleep yesterday, I noticed him nodding and went to get my camera to capture video of the teetering...when I came back, he was asleep like this:

I pulled Betsy (the Glowworm) out, and Caspian just sank down onto his legs, folded completely in half!
It was hilarious.

I gave him two Hyland's Teething Tablets before BFing this morning, and he stayed on for quite a while! He still broke off and fiddled with his teeth, though, so I may give him 3 next time.

I also had a breakthrough in the right breast boycott last night. Caspian had fallen not-quite-asleep eating at the left breast, so I slid him over on the Boppy (still on his right side, facing me), twisted my upper body around, and popped in the right breast! It was extremely uncomfortable, but at least he ate off of it! It's worked three more times since then, praise God. He won't let me switch arms, though -- I still have to use my left forearm to support his head and my right for breast-propping (which is difficult when my torso is twisted the other way). Whenever I try swiching to a better hand position, he breaks off crying.

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