Sunday, February 01, 2009

Caspian asked for "boo" again last Sunday: "Mommy, I want boo, please! Not switch boos, just boo. Not the other boo." (That means right side only; not left, not both.) After I confirmed (out of shock) like 5 times and got ready, he said, "No boo!" and ran off to play. Stinker.

We survived the ice/snow storms this week. It was great having Charlie home some mornings (and one whole day). Praise God, we only lost power in little blips here and there — nothing major.

My prenatal appointment got bumped to Friday because of the ice/snow. "Ugh" for glucose tests. I failed it, so I have to go next week and sit in the office for 3 hours after fasting all night while they do a make-up test. My MW said some people always seem to fail the first test when they're actually fine, which is what happened to me last pregnancy, too. Perrin's heartbeat was 140, and he measured perfectly on schedule. I gained four pounds this month. Now I'm down to the every-two-weeks appointments!

A Sample Conversation From Just Now:
[from hallway] No, no!
[coming into office] Mommy, flies. [pronounced "fwys"]
What? Fries? Fuzz? [trying to figure out what he might have said/seen]
FLIES! [still "fwys"] There are some flies flying around in the hallway.
Oh, FLIES? Did you catch 'em?
No, I didn't...catch 'em. I don't catch flies.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out
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