Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Caspian is 27". The carseat directions only warn about head height in relation to the edge, not feet...but if his feet stick out too far, they could be compacted in a crash! Carseats are expensive, but he's going to need another one soon. It's gotta be one that will last him for a long time and be extremely safe. Many leads are pointing to the Britax Marathon, but it is really freakin' expensive -- even for a convertible carseat! pray pray pray...

Caspian slept again! 11-8, then 9-10! I think it must be the fact that we're using a comforter on the bed now that it's cold -- he must've been waking up chilly before.

He isn't rolling over, but he pushes up to balance on his head a lot. Whenever he's on the changing table, the bed, or the floor, as long as he's on his back he'll push up and lean his head back so he can almost see behind himself, balancing on his butt and his noggin. He can also rotate like nobody's business.

We put Caspian in a laundry basket last Saturday to see what he would do. He thought it was awesome! I put my fingers through the holes and wiggled them, then pulled them out before he grabbed them. Once I let him get them, and he tried to get them up to his mouth -- boy, that hurt the skin between my fingers! I had to hold the basket upright, too, since he was sitting in one corner and would have tipped over otherwise. The shirt he's wearing says "If you think I'm handsome, you should see my Daddy."

What the heck, Daddy?!

Wow, the basket grew fingers!

He also loves having things "airplaned" at him: fingers, toys, pacis, whatever. Any time I start flying something around in the air while making motor noises and bring it closer and closer to his face, he reaches for it and just grins and giggles until it bops his nose.

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