Saturday, February 24, 2007

Charlie wore Caspian face-out in the Moby at the mall for a few hours today. Usually we just put his carseat in the stroller, but we wanted to give him some "out" time. We always get "looks" when we wear him (especially if it's Daddy doing the wearing), but they're always with smiles. We took him out for a while to play, but when he got cranky, we put him back in facing Daddy and he fell right asleep. When we tried to put him back in his carseat to go home later, he pitched a verbal fit! It was a new type of cry for him -- pure annoyance!
Did you know that Fayette Mall has a nursing room? They put one in when they remodeled the food court, and it has a glider with ottoman, changing counter and sink, piped-in music with adjustable volume, and a locking door that says "occupied" like on an airplane! It's fantastic.

He ate on the right (laying on the right! ) at the mall, and is pretty good about eating from it (still laying on the left ) when he's hungry or tired.

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