Monday, June 04, 2007

Charlie and I were supposed to go to my MK unit potluck on Friday night (first time out without Caspian), but my director got sick. Since my parents were already babysitting, Charlie and I decided to take the plunge and go out on a real date anyway. We took a Mambo class at Arthur Murray -- our first time back to the ballroom since I got pregnant! It was SUCH a blast, we can't wait to go back. An hour of Mambo is a great workout, let me tell you! It was so intense, my ab muscles were contracted for 10 minutes after leaving. I'd forgotten how passionately I love dancing. We'd love to do it once a week, but I think we'll commit to once a month, for sure.

I bought wool! My first DiaperSwappers purchase. We spent $15ppd for some Babyology longies. ((wiggle, wiggle)) I'd still love shorties for summer, but I am SUPER excited.

Alright, all you wannabe-sleuths out there. We found something in his diaper last night that I cannot identify. It has the letters "GE" on one side and some kind of logo on the back. Any guesses?

Here's a rotated close-up of the backside. I think it says "Licensed Product" and "NA_CO" or "WA_CO"? WDYT? Anyone recognize the logo?

Okay, after seeing it that close, I truly apologize for these gross images.

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Messie-Bessie said...

Caspian likes to play with me . . . (although he prefers my friend Verne better . . . his snout is smaller and easier for Caspian's little mouth to chew).

I've been having an earache lately . . . now I know why! (No hard feelings Caspian, ol' buddy! You play rough don't you?)

THE STAR of "Over the Hedge"

p.s. I think I'm a "licensed product" too . . . whatever that means.