Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh, yeah. Newest solid to add to the list: double chocolate Godiva cheesecake from Starbucks. Just a tiny bit, but it was plenty!

I felt so horrible last night. I was changing Caspian's diaper in the car and went to snap the bottom of his overalls, but it wouldn't stretch because he was chewing on the top of the bib. I gave them a small tug, and he started crying!? I'm guessing he'd actually been chewing on the metal fastening, because blood welled up around one of his top teeth! I was freaked out (and so was he) -- scared that I'd damaged his tooth or something -- but Charlie didn't think it was a big deal. Caspian stopped crying after a while and it stopped bleeding after a minute or so, but he whimpered again whenever I tried to get a look in his mouth...
While he protested being on the changing table this afternoon, I was able to see inside his mouth...and noticed a small cut on the gum above the tooth where he was bleeding last night. Must be from his overall buckle. No wonder it hurt.

Here are some neat-o videos on YouTube:

super cool commercial

for you science-y types

This guy would be a good artist anyway, but on such a scale?!

Talk about humbling...and we think America is big stuff?

Seriously, that's a three year-old fingerpainting?

And oh, yes -- his first diaper mystery has been solved. It was something grandma gave him while he was at her house Friday.

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