Thursday, May 31, 2007

Caspian's forehead bruise is greening quite nicely. Yellow-green, actually.

Speaking of carrots, he gulped down five or six bites of carrot last evidenced by the orange-red poo he had this morning. I seriously thought it was blood at first, then stewed tomatoes, then remembered the carrots. He also ate two more semi-soggy Cheerios last night (all he was offered), quite happily. Speaking of this morning's diaper, I also found the chunk of carpet fiber he swallowed last night. I saw him chewing and dug around in his mouth, but he tilted his head back and swallowed it.

I put some banana in his mesh teether thing this afternoon, and he went to town! I even had to refill it once. He ate some peach in there last week. It's great -- he can feed himself without supervision and really enjoys eating what I'm eating.

This is my new favorite waste-of-time website. Check out March of the Penguins, Jaws, Titanic, It's a Wonderful Life, and Star Wars. The "music" at the end of Titanic almost made me wet my pants!

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