Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Caspian seems to have the opposite of a fear of heights -- lately he's been heading for the edge of the bed every chance he gets! I guess I'm glad he feels so secure, but it could really stop my heart sometimes.

Caspian's testing two new borrowed cloth diapers: a BumGenius! AIO and a Bumwear OneSize Pocket. I had wicking after about 90 minutes in the BG, but I want to try it again before I decide. I really like the idea of having an AIO. I'm definitely open to trying another pocket sometime, too, but I don't think the Bumwear is best for Caspian. It felt soooo YUMMY putting fleece against Caspian's skin, but it left lint all over him and Charlie ed. The leg gathers were a little too full for our taste, too. I'll post pics tomorrow...I need to go take a shower.

I got my split ends trimmed for the first time in months...six inches. It's still almost to my waist, but it feels so short to me! I freak out whenever I look in the mirror -- especially when I flip it in front and it barely covers my boobs. I'll be a faithful 6-week trimmer from now on, you can guarantee.

Caspian went to his first ballgame yesterday (25¢ hot dog night at our local minor league stadium). You could not have asked for more perfect weather, either -- it was absolutely ideal in every way. I'll post pics later. On a side note, that ballpark food has made him gassy all day today.

I just videoed Caspian laughing his heart out (Mess Disclaimer 1 - we're still sorting boxes in the office ). When he gets in a certain mood, he likes to play spin-peekaboo with mommy (I sit in my swivel chair, facing away; then I spin around and look at him and we both crack up). He was giggling so hard, I ran for the camera. He got so goofy, he'd start giggling in anticipation of me turning around.

Two more...
Mess Disclaimer 2 - the hallway boxes are for sorting between the storage room and Goodwill

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