Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I found a baby zit on Caspian's ear yesterday.

Charlie bought some commercial-grade ant traps at Lowe's yesterday that seem to be working pretty well. I really want my counters back.

Oh my gosh, these are CUTE!!!

Isn't it fun to watch the evolution of your baby's language? It's so fascinating to hear Caspian's babbles resembling "real" words more and more each day.

First thing yesterday morning, Caspian vomited everything up. Twice. He went from 11:30pm to 8:30am without eating, and I think he just gorged, poor guy. The rest of the day, he was either hyper or whining. I sat with him for three hours, and he alternated between crying out of fatigue and literally bouncing with energy. His morning nap ended early, and he was so tired and uncomfortable. Feeding, rocking, walking, singing, paci...nothing made him happy. He'd rub his eyes and flop his head down on my shoulder, then start crying and thrashing, shrieking and bouncing. Made me really want to applaud mommies of colicky babies, KWIM?

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