Friday, May 25, 2007

He successfully petted the cat this morning! I think both Fin and I were equally amazed that his petting didn't involve the usual grab-a-hunk-of-skin-and-fur or the hard smack/pat. Caspian actually pet him nicely! I was so proud.

We also played catch today! It was so exciting. We sat facing each other on the office floor, and I rolled a ball to him. He picked it up, held his hand out to me, and let the ball roll off his fingers! We were both wiggling like puppies. Every time he'd "throw" it to me, I'd clap and say "Yay!!" and he'd bounce up and down on his tush and wiggle and giggle. We went back and forth for about 5 minutes! Once, he got so excited, his bouncing lifted him off his seat and he pitched forward into a somersault. Let me tell you, he was a little shocked. The funniest/worst thing was when he got so SO excited that his bouncing threw him backwards and he crashed headfirst into a toy. It was awful, but oh my gosh, he looked just like Mary Katherine Gallagher when he did it. It was sooo hard to console him without cracking up at the same time.

After I nursed Caspian just now, I had him sitting upright on the Boppy in my lap, facing me. Well, he leaned forward and just spit up right down my cleavage! "Fortunately," my nursing bra is saggy in the middle and made a convenient pocket to contain most of it.

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