Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We did a test, and the applesauce definitely = green diarrhea. We also tried sweet potatoes again, and they were ho-hum for Caspian. We'll try them cold next time. He's also never had hot food, so that's another option.

Anyone else have a mega-hyper bedtime baby? Last night when we came home, Caspian was sound asleep in the car and mostly asleep as we carried him in. We kept the lights off and took him into the bedroom, but 2 minutes later he was sitting up, pulling up to stand, and talking! Whenever we'd lay him down, he'd start crying in frustration and trying to sit up and crawl away. It took an hour of coaxing, rocking, etc. to get him to fall back asleep. I didn't even have caffeine! He's pulled this a few times recently, and it's really draining.

He's branching out as a pre-walker. He pulls up on whatever's nearby as soon as you put him down, but now he'll try to grab onto something else nearby without sitting down first. He s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s and tries switching hands and leans way far over, and has fallen literally on his face quite a few times (mostly when he lets go with both hands in his zeal to reach something). Whenever he is standing, he looks way too small to be upright like that.

Last night we visited Charlie's men's barbershop chorus rehearsal for the first time (it was his first time back in a year). Caspian was so well-behaved, and he even tried singing along -- especially when it was quartet time.

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Messie-Bessie said...

"Anyone else have a mega-hyper bedtime baby?"

Oh yes . . . !!