Thursday, May 10, 2007

I just made a chicken croissant ring to take to a thing tonight, and it was delicious! I'd never made it before, but every Pampered Chef recipe I've ever made has been awesome. This lady posted all the PC recipes on her website, and it's a lot easier than digging through my cookbooks.

Even though he seems to have crawling down-pat, whenever he's on a slick surface (like the bathroom or kitchen floors), he can only go backwards!
He really confused himself when he ended up backed under the cabinets.

Caspian's newest is fighting sleep/comfort. He'll be hungry or exhausted, but flip away from boo or resist sleep. He gets soooo cranky, laying limply on Charlie's lap, eyes rolling back, lids drooping, but he still struggles to sit up. And if I don't switch to the "good" boo fast enough, he screams at the top of his lungs!? Want to hear it? Listen to the laughing video at 1:10 and 1:40, only think much more indignant, louder, and longer.

I just let Caspian chew on my apple for a while, and he loved it! He did manage to get a little piece, though, and coughed it up about a minute later.

My Mini Diaper Comparison

Here's the flappy leg gather on the Bumwear. The BumGenius! felt high-cut in the leg, compared to what I was used to (the arrows show where the ME leg opening goes).

Here's where the ME waistline usually is (and a little bonus ).

I tried folding down the waistband of the Bumwear OS, but it didn't hold up to his playtime. The BumGenius! shows again where the ME leg holes normally hit him.

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