Thursday, May 24, 2007

Caspian "walked" around the kitchen standing on my feet this afternoon. I couldn't see his face so I don't know what his reaction was, but he tolerated it for almost a minute so he mustn't have minded too much.

He did not care for my vacuuming the living room floor while he was there. He shrieked/cried when I flicked the vacuum on briefly in my attempt to acclimate him. As soon as I'd turn it off, he'd stop. I picked him up and held him as I vacuumed, but he was only okay with that when I said soothing things.

God bless cloth diapers! Caspian was crawling on the bathroom floor this morning when he pushed a tremendous sound into his pants. When I opened his diaper, it looked like he had a belt of poo around his waist ...but none of it even got on his diaper cover! Why would anyone use disposables? With cloth there's no blowouts; they're cheaper, better for the environment, gentler on baby's skin, cuter to look at, better for baby's health...the list goes on and on!

He had some warm whipped potatoes from my Lean Cuisine at lunchtime (well, it was 3:20 in the afternoon, but I was eating lunch). His first warm food! He liked the first little bit and opened his mouth for subsequent bites, but he still responded to each of those with a shudder. Want to see what it looked like? It was very similar to his reaction to eating his first rice cereal.

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