Wednesday, May 30, 2007

kisses from Grandma Bonnie at the park


I've been waiting and waiting for Caspian to say "mama." He finally said it ONCE on purpose, last Saturday. Couldn't get him to repeat it for anything. I wish I had it on tape.

We just realized that Caspian waves goodbye/hello (mostly "hello"). He holds out a fist with his thumb thrust between two fingers, arm straight out.

Anyone else's weirdo kids chewing on the velcro of their paci keepers? In the last couple weeks, Caspian has started ripping open the velcro with his teeth, letting the paci fall to the floor. I haven't decided whether he likes the velcro sound better or the feeling of it in his mouth.

Our scary Memorial Day moment came when Caspian fell forehead-first onto the corner of one of the leg spokes on my office chair. His silence-before-shrieking lasted for a full thirty seconds. I thought I was going to die! He had a dent in his forehead and a bruise (of course), and we wrapped his head in a cold pack. He was so docile and didn't even try to pull it off, which worried me. He was fine, though, and his bruise just looks like an extension of his strawberry mark.

He had his first cheerio last night. It was a little soggy from my cereal, and he actually bit it in half! It's the first time he's actually bitten and chewed and swallowed something! Normally, he pouches the bits in his mouth.

I just noticed that Charlie posted a video of Caspian chasing Bug. You can even see the burn marks on the carpet from the last tenant's ironing efforts.

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Messie-Bessie said...

I LOVE the bonk-on-the-head photo!! He looks so pitiful . . . gets THAT talent from his Grandpa Kirk . . . !