Monday, May 14, 2007

Caspian pulled himself up to stand in the office, but his foot came to rest on his vibrating star teether. He stood stock still for about 40 seconds, just looking at me like, "What the heck, mom?!" Finally, he realized why his foot was making that humming sound and fell on his tush when he leaned down to grab the star.

Anyone else's baby whistle?! It's so odd. Caspian like to purse his lips and breathe really hard, and sometimes he ends up whistling!

For Mother's Day, Charlie got up "early" (as in, when I get up with Caspian ) and made Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. He'd snuck home the ingredients in his lunch bag on Friday. It was a very delicious surprise.

My biggest "Mother's Day gift" was neither Charlie's idea nor on Sunday. On Friday we started sleeping with Caspian between us, instead of on the side of me away from Charlie. Caspian went to sleep with one hand tucked next to Charlie's cheek, and one on mine. And he slept through the night!!! Now Charlie knows what it's felt like for me all these months. On Sunday, he said "Just looking at other parents with their kids, I'm like, 'How could you not want to sleep alongside your kid?!'" I love my husband.

Caspian's signature staccato noise

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