Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I had lunch yesterday with my high school best friend and her three boys (4, 2, 4mo). The older two thought Caspian was a hoot, between his weird noises and eating the cardboard table display. Then Caspian found a kindred shrieker in the 2 year-old, and they fed off each other until my friend asked her boy to stop (Caspian laughed off my request ). It was definitely a taste of playdates to come. Poor Caspian, though -- he'd finally fallen asleep for his first nap just 30 minutes before we had to leave, and he always wakes up when we buckle him into his convertible seat. He started out the lunch leaning against me since he was so exhausted, but then he got so stimulated he even stayed awake the whole ride home. By this time, it was like he was in a waking coma (he even half-slept through his diaper change). When I latched him on, though, he woke right up! I'm afraid it was the caffeine from lunch. I thought he'd be dropping by early evening, but he was a bundle of energy right up until 5:15...when we had to leave to take my parents out for Mother's Day. PRAISE GOD, he stayed asleep when we put him in the car this time and he continued sleeping until we got there. So all day, he'd only had a thirty minute nap, an hour nap, and a twenty minute catnap on the way home. And he STILL didn't go to sleep until after 11:30!? When we all laid down for the night, Caspian crawled all over the bed, rolling and climbing on top of both of us. Charlie and I were so tired, cooing and coaxing him to sleep.

Caspian experienced his first shower Monday night. He *hated* it. I had him in with me to rinse off after being outside all evening, and he was so scared he just clung to me without a sound, eyes wide. Whenever he was even partially under the spray for any length of time, he started whimper-whining.

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