Saturday, May 12, 2007

Caspian's first minor league baseball game ~ Lexington Legends ~ Tuesday, 5/8/07

As soon as we walked in the gate, I got a free massage from a local chiropractic center.

They were giving out free squishy baseballs in the kids' area.

Caspian really enjoyed all the new sounds and sights -- especially all the people! He was kind of thrown by wearing a hat and shoes (which were new to him).

He even got to meet the Legends mascot, Big L (who totally stole Caspian's look, BTW).

Caspian's hat wasn't quite right, though. so he borrowed grandpa's. Go Air Force!

Like any ballpark patron, Caspian got a little snacky. We wouldn't let him have any of our 25¢ hot dogs, so he had to improvise. First, the velcro tabs on his hat...

...then his baseball...

...some of grandma's finger...

...the rubber on his shoes...

...and finally, we let him have a little bit of frozen strawberry lemonade. At first, the one-two punch of cold and sour left him a little disconcerted.

After a couple of tries, though, he thought it was funny, if not delicious.

He even got to scream with mommy at the top of his lungs, and nobody cared!

It was definitely a fun family outing.

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