Monday, April 30, 2007

The more teeth they get, the closer to non-babyhood they appear. I still freak out when I see Caspian's teeth.

Quick Facts About Caspian:
- pulls up/over on everything
- sits up in his sleep all the time (then flops back and smacks me in the face)
- says "dada" all the time
- frequently uses paci/etc. as a tool to bang objects and surfaces
- wore his first shoes on Sunday and had to fold his legs up to fit against the seat back in his infant carseat
- started wearing his OneSize opened all the way out (unfolded) this weekend

Caspian tried roll, soft baked potato, mashed potato, green beans, and pudding this weekend. The only thing he didn't gag on or spit out was the vanilla pudding.

His newest phase is shrieking. Loudly. Very, very loudly. Oh, yeah -- and only when we're in public, like at a restaurant. He just gets so excited, he lets it all out verbally.

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