Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caspian pulled the "one nap" again yesterday, but at least it was 1½ hours long (in the car). He was so chirpy after getting all that sleep! I'm thinking about giving Caspian some Tylenol, now -- he's über-clingy and not napping...again. He's so tired, but he wouldn't even stay asleep when I laid down with him. He keeps trying to chew on my finger and he's a little warm, but his temp has only been in the low-mid 99s since Monday. He hasn't had a good poopy diaper since Friday, either.

I feel so guilty. When we were putting Caspian in his PJs after his bath on Sunday, I accidentally pinched his little chest with one of the snaps up the front. He still has a tiny round bruise right above his nipple. I feel awful every time I see it.

We all went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch at the conference, and there was a long wait. Caspian hadn't taken a nap all day long, so he was pretty worn out. After flirting with all the Mary Kay ladies, he just didn't have any energy left.

I remembered what I wanted to mention a few days ago. Caspian loves the nasal aspirator now! Instead of struggling and crying when he sees it coming, now he grins and laughs as it sucks! We hold his hands and he lays perfectly still, just watching us clear out his nose.

Caspian wants to crawl so badly! Every chance he gets, he's up on hands and knees (or hands, knee, and foot), rocking hard!

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BHFraser said...

his hair is loking redder (at least in that photo with you) . . . maybe it's just glare from your radiant mane!