Tuesday, April 17, 2007

  • He loves to explore strands of my hair. He'll pick up a piece with his fingers, then run his fingers all the way to the end of its length. He holds it up and examines it closely -- sometimes one strand, sometimes a whole hank.
  • He's very responsive to "Let go, please" (thank goodness). It works with toys, straps, cats, human flesh, whatever. I used it consistently, even when he was tiny, instead of just saying "no" and prying his fingers open. It's less frustrating for everyone when we differentiate between the generic "no" and a specific desired action. And it works!
  • Whenever you bounce him on your knee or in your arms, Caspian hum/growls. He starts up when the bouncing starts, since he's realized that it makes his voice vibrate!

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