Monday, April 23, 2007

Caspian's newest food adventure: cucumbers. He gnawed on thick slices of peeled cucumber at a friend's on Saturday. As soon as he'd bit through a piece, we'd get him a new one. They were cold, so he really enjoyed it.

As of this weekend, he's officially crawling! (hands and knees and a little belly) If he can reach it by stretching or flopping-and-stretching, he doesn't bother with the excess movement. When we put his paci a few feet away, though, he went straight for it. + + + + = crawling
Poor thing crawled under my office chair this afternoon, trying to get a ball. He started crying, so I looked down and saw that his head was butted up against the release lever for raising my seat...he was upset because he couldn't get closer to the ball and didn't know why!

Last night I dreamed that someone told me that the rest of Caspian's teeth would come in any day now. When I woke up the next morning in my dream, he had all of his teeth! When I called that person to tell them, she said, "Well, I said it would happen overnight!" In reality, he just has four front teeth: two top and two bottom.

Mr. Man must be having his 9 month growth spurt, because he took his first nap from 8:30-11 this morning, instead of just 8:30-9! (me too ) He also ate for almost 20 minutes, which he hasn't done in a long time.

I stood Caspian up on my legs this morning and realized that his head is above mine when I do that now.

One more bit of proof that Caspian's a redhead like his mommy -- inexplicable bruises below his left knee. I get bruises all the time and wonder where they came from, and I am equally stumped at his!

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