Wednesday, April 25, 2007 says he's in the 35th %ile for weight, 50th for height, and 57th for head. Can someone please explain to me where all the bigger babies are? Everyone always comments on how "big" Caspian is , and I've rarely seen babies that much bigger than Caspian, even if they're older!

I forgot to mention: at his ped appointment, Caspian casually bit my finger...and left dents! I can still see the little teeth marks, but he didn't break skin.

Last night, he ate little bits of french fry and soft roll and boiled egg yolk. He'd grab a little piece with his right hand, then grab his right hand with his left and bring the piece to his mouth. A lot of times, it'd roll off the back of his hand or bounce off his chin, but when I tried putting pieces in his mouth, he'd "pouch" the pieces in his gums after chewing on them. I know he swallowed some, because he coughed and gagged a little (even though the pieces were teensy tiny). He tolerated (even enjoyed?) Charlie and me eating dinner immensely more than usual.

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