Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, we tried taking family Easter pics, since Caspian looked so cute. This is pretty indicative of how the shoot went.

I had to Photoshop this one for brightness, but most of the others are blurry or fuzzy. In the few where none of us is moving, Caspian has the most sour look on his face!

The ants went away mostly for a day, then came back with renewed vigor. I don't know what else to do, since the cats are inside cats only.

Caspian tries so hard to crawl! Especially now that I've (finally) washed all the toys we bought at OUAC. He is very focused on his piano/xylaphone, but the Disney Pop 'N Pals thing is popular too. When I sit him on the floor in the office for some alone play and he happens to flip over onto his tummy, he will stretch and wriggle trying to get back to those things!

Last night we were playing games at Amie's house, and the directions to the game were folded like a brochure. I opened it out once (like a roof) and bopped Caspian's head with it, like a hat, and said "boom!" Each time I did that, he went into giggles. I started bopping a hand, a foot, his nose, and his head in different patterns, and he just lost it. I wish I'd videotaped it.

He's back to napping! Praise God, tooth #3 poked through on Friday (top middle, right). He worked on it all day long, and it finally broke through. Ever since, he's gone back to taking naps again.
I don't look forward to getting bitten now that Caspian has two teeth that meet.

He has his first cold food last week (sweet potatoes). He also had turkey for the first time (a little stage 2 mixed with water). I even tried spreading a little on his tongue and gums, but I don't think any of it actually went down his throat -- he just mixed it with saliva and spit it out. He is definitely not interested in solids right now...unless the spoon counts as a solid, in which case he's obsessed! We'll keep trying various things, just to give him exposure.

Caspian was enthralled when we took him to see Happy Feet at the dollar theatre. He watched the entire movie!

Last night, we achieved POO! Caspian finally had a dirty diaper for the first time in 9 days! It's okay, since he's still exclusively BFed, his tummy wasn't hard, and he hasn't been straining, but Charlie and I were still getting a little anxious. You know you're a mom when you praise God for poopy.

Caspian keeps sitting up in the middle of the night, multiple times, throughout the night. What the heck?! Nothing has changed about our routine/situation/climate. He'll struggle to sit up (still asleep), so I help him sit up, and he just flops in half or flops over onto my stomach and continues dozing. After a while, he'll flop back onto his back again. He does it with increasing frequency as he gets closer to waking up. When he naps in my arms, he struggles to sit up too, after a while...?

ETA: The worst part is that when he flops back down onto his back, he inevitably clocks me in the face. And baby skull is hard! I'm truly shocked that I haven't gotten a puffy lip yet.

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Azuroo said...

We had a huge ant problem in our house too! We just moved in a few weeks ago, got the kitchen organized, and then it was full of ants. We got rid of them by putting out poison gel. The ants take it back to the queen and it kills her. is where we got it from. You just have to figure out if your ants like sugar or protein and buy the correct gel. Then go outside and find their trails on the ground and put the gel nearby--we covered ours with rocks and bricks and the door mat so no animals would get it. You can also put it inside where your cats can't go, like up under the edge of a cabinet or on top of a door frame as long as the ants are marching near by. After several weeks of battling and a billion tubes of gel poison, all our ants are gone and our pets never got into it!

I feel like such a stalker, but I love checking your updates to see how Caspian is doing compared to Rosie! She has no interest in crawling, but she can pull up and glide along the furniture. She also hates baby food, but we've been giving her small chunks of fruit and steamed veggies--she goes crazy if we don't feed her while we are eating. We figured out that rice puffs (the cereal kind, not the icky gerber puff things) are the perfect finger food because they are big enough to pick up, melt in her mouth, and don't make a mess. Oh, and ants don't like them LOL.

I am really curious--what is the OUAC?