Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last night Charlie realized he gets Good Friday off, so with the two sick days he took, he's only had a two day work week! We're all still kind of congested and coughing a little, but are over it for the most part.

Caspian will just sit in the swing or hang out and look around, blowing raspberries or babbling to himself, and I think he forgets I'm right next to him, listening. Sometimes I'll turn around and stare at him until he happens to glance in my direction, and that makes him crack up. Just like any other person would be embarrassed to be caught looking around, spitting to himself. Just now, I blew him a kiss and he "caught" it and put it in his mouth! Too bad it wasn't a conscious action.

We were up four times last night. He's still not napping "properly," and I don't know why. He finally fell asleep nursing (after 10 minutes of crying and crankiness), but my downfall was in laying him down in order to eat and get work done. He only slept for 15 or 20 minutes. Poor guy really needs to rest! The only way he got his nap yesterday was for me to hold him for two hours after he nursed to sleep. I had my laptop, but it's a literal pain in the neck to crane right for that long! And I'm pretty sure he only fell asleep both times because of the Tylenol I gave him for his teeth...

My baby has started gargling. When Caspian lays on his back with a toy in his mouth, he gargles his excess saliva!

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BHFraser said...

He is SO Charlie's offspring!! (raspberries, gargling, looking around, spitting . . .)

I can't wait to hear what he has to say once he starts speaking!

he is so blessed to have such an attentive mother!