Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We just got back from a trip to Virginia to introduce Caspian to his remaining great-grandparent (Charlie's grandma) and to see Stuart and Steph. The trip was great, but we're all beat. Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday morning were all spent driving, and Saturday was a whirlwind of driving and shopping. It wasn't intended to be a relaxing vacation anyway, but it's exhausting going-going-going for six days and not even getting a weekend at the end of it. Caspian actually slept through the night on the trip, every night but one! That was nice. He also flirted with every single person we encountered. We went to IKEA with S&S, and it made me glad we don't have a house to furnish -- so I don't regret IKEA being so far away. We got a few awesome things, though. It's so cheap there!

On the trip back we encountered every possible weather condition: sun, cloudiness, high winds, rain, sleet, hail, and snow! Caspian slept for 3½ hours, woke for 30 minutes, slept for 2½ hours, woke for a couple hours, then fell asleep again. Charlie and I kept checking on him to make sure he was okay, but we think he must just be growing. I actually got to ride up front for most of the return trip (for the first time in 9 months), so when Caspian woke up he couldn't find me. Even though I called to him and told him to look in his mirror, he kept craning his neck to see the captain's chair next to his.

He's working on teeth #4 and 5, on either side of his current top tooth. Now that two teeth connect, he's always clicking them together when he's thinking.

I was writing about his not having had a dirty diaper since Easter (and that all the car travel might be partially resposible), but he had TWO thoroughly poopy diapers in a row last night! Hooray for poopy!

Click on "search inside" to see an excerpt of this hilarious new book: Porn for Women

Oh my gosh! He just now took one crawling "step" (knee) forward...but that foot hooked onto the other foot, so he couldn't crawl any further. I'm sure it wasn't anything, but still...


Messie-Bessie said...

I just checked out "porn for women" . . . very clever! It would appear that you and I have pornographic-quality husbands that other women only dream of!!

Note to others: if you click on "surprise me" (in the Amazon. com preview of the book) you can see quite a few pages . . .

The skating finals comment reminded me of you, Hil!

Sarah M said...

But we are getting an ikea!! well, cincinnati is getting one.


this has all the details on the ikea that is coming.

-Sarah Treen