Wednesday, December 27, 2006

good picture...

good lighting...

For Christmas, Caspian got a "buddy" (I refuse to call it a doll) from the ILs that we named "Toby," which was soaked up to the armpit from being in Mr. Teether's mouth. It has a cow bell inside, and Caspian just adores it. My mom bought herself a Pooh walker to keep at her house, which Caspian thoroughly enjoyed.

flossing with the paci keeper

as long as there's something in his mouth...poor Toby...

Caspian has just been talking up a storm recently! He's even added a high-pitched squeal to the end of some sentences.

Last night, Charlie was handing Caspian down to me on the couch to eat, and Caspian threw himself forward in anticipation, banging his forehead into my nose! Three seconds later, he started to wail. To console himself, he thrust his face into my shoulder...banging that same place on his forehead! He was so confused, poor baby.

Can you believe he was ever this small?

We decided at the last minute to go with the ILs to South Carolina this weekend to see Charlie's grandma, who's never met Caspian. We'll leave Saturday and return Monday. I'm so tired of being out of town, I wish we could stay home and still see her.

Happy almost-New Year!

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