Friday, December 22, 2006

Caspian rolled front-to-back yesterday and thoroughly startled himself! He won't roll the other way because he enjoys looking the light fixture too much.

Caspian burned his fingers last week! I had microwaved a pot pie, then chopped it up and let it cool. I carried it into the living room with Caspian on my other hip, and when I leaned over to set it on the table, he reached out and grabbed a handful! All was silent for a few seconds, then he started shrieking and crying. For a while afterwards, his palm was really sensitive to touch, but about 15 minutes later he was back to grasping with it. He'd never done anything like that before, but now I'm always on the lookout for Mr. Grabby-Fingers. I think the metal-coated pie plate must've brushed his knuckles, because they did stay red and peel a little.

Caspian has some really dense spit-up sometimes, that sticks and spreads like a web. I said to him, "You're a sticky spit man! It's like Spider-man in your mouth!" ...cracked myself up, anyway.

You all have to see this! It's long but it's incredible. Those men are also the members of the band that's playing.


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