Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pumped Up - A Dad Labs Experiment

"At the dadlabs we believe you should do everything in your power to understand what she, the breastfeeding mom, is going through. We put our beliefs to the Breast Pump 101 test. Wonder what it must feel like to get hooked up to a breast pump? Maybe you should. Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad perform a controlled experiment to increase their understanding of this ordeal. Gain insight into what breastfeeding working moms go through every day. And wonder what the hell the DadLabs guys were thinking."

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Azuroo said...

This video is hilarious! I had to watch it with the sound off though, because Rosie is sleeping next to me and I didn't want to wake her.

The couple that lost the baby, I'm pretty sure her name is Stephanie. I'm afraid to ask her about it, I feel so so bad for them. Someone at church told me that the baby lived for four days. I have no idea what went wrong. She sat next to me last Sunday and held Rosie.

It's exciting to know that someone else likes Over the Rhine, we usually get blank stares when we mention them to people. We go to the Christmas concert every year! Too bad you all aren't going, Rosie and Caspian could keep each other entertained! The van was unfortunately deemed not interstate worthy so we have to go back another weekend when we can let the grandparents watch the baby and fit the fish tank in the backseat.

Our doula Mary Elizabeth took those pictures in my birth story. I was too busy ripping off Tyler's arm for him to hold the camera LOL. (Charlie is my nickname for Tyler, I started calling him that one day jokingly a long time ago and it just stuck.)