Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When I left for tutoring on Monday, I had to drop Charlie off at work on my way. My mom had Caspian in our living room, and we kissed him goodbye and opened the door...and Caspian lost it! His face crumpled and he started sobbing and wailing! We never in a million years thought he'd understand this early (or care) that we were leaving. I realized also that Charlie and I have never both left him together before.
When we came back, I came through the door and held my arms out to him. He broke into a smile, spread his arms out, and lifted his whole upper body away from my mom -- as if to say, "Take me, mommy!"

He's also started playing a game where he'll fuss to eat, but when I lay him in front of me to nurse, he'll rotate his entire upper body away from me, throw out his arm, and stare with intent interest at the ceiling. I'll tease his mouth a little with my bbs to get him to turn back and suck, but he only does it for one or two sucks before he flings himself over again. He knows he's playing, too, because the little stinker grins at me when he pulls away.

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