Monday, November 26, 2007

Oooh...guiltyguiltyguilty feelings! My last post was in September!?! I have got to get back into a routine that involves online time, seriously. I felt bad taking so much time up online instead of working or being with Caspian that I haven't really let myself do anything! I'm sorry, OL friends!!

Babies/toddlers grow so fast, it's hard to wrap my brain around the sheer volume of stuff they learn each week. Mine turns 16 months today! On Friday I just cut Caspian's nails for the first time while he was awake -- he actually sat there and let me do it! He does "gimme five," gives kisses (open-mouthed only), and waves on command. He also loves to climb, make animal noises, and look at his flash cards. When music plays that he likes, he conducts it; he also does a bouncy dance which just recently started involving stomping his feet on the floor. He is very confident about getting down from high places, like the couch and the bed (by laying on his belly and sliding off).
He uses signs for more/gimme/please (all of which look like the sign for "again"), nurse, food, drink, down, book/read, and all done. We're trying to teach him the initial consonant sounds for some things, but he only does paci and pig (puh-puh-puh) and duck and dog (deh-deh-deh) consistently. Caspian's everyday vocabulary consists of mama and dada, Grandma ("MAmama") and Grandpa ("Daaaaa"), "ah ah ah" (like the Count from Sesame Street), "that"/"what," and "up." He's also started saying "Bleccch!" and sticking his tongue out when we see/do something gross (which is a line from one of his books).
He has 9 teeth and loves vegetables best. Today he ate an insane amount of beans, rice, and ground beef, plus almost half a piece of pumpkin pie! His most recent (but short-lived) obsession was with getting his nose salined and aspirated, which is probably because he's always congested nowadays. He loved it for about 2 days, but now he still asks for it but won't actually let me near his nose. He nurses about 4 or 5 times during the day, plus 2 or 3 times at night (grumble, grumble). We still co-sleep, and it is sooo funny to see him sitting up in the middle of the night, swaying and weakly signing "more" and "nurse" in his half-stupor (after pulling or smacking my shirt front for attention). Most of his (red) hair is growing in a curly strip down the middle of his head, like a faux-hawk.
He's now been to the church nursery 4 times by himself (the 2 weeks prior, we were in with him, then watching through the window), and he adores it. He's a humongous flirt and laughs whenever he hears anyone laughing (and claps when he sees or hears clapping). It is so exciting to see him bringing joy to strangers everywhere we go. I hope he retains that quality when he gets older.

We went to a movie (Enchanted) with my parents on Thanksgiving Day and took this picture. It's pretty good, except for Charlie's crappy-lighting-induced undereye circles. :p