Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last night, when I put Caspian's dinner in front of him, he said, "Oh, wow, this looks great! Thank you for my dinner, mommy!" Our jaws dropped. LOL He also is sitting on the potty more (without prompting), and has now peed in it three times! It's very exciting at our house.

Perrin gained over 5lbs in his first 6 weeks and is chunking up nicely. He has four fat "indents" on each arm: wrist, elbow, between the two, and above the elbow. He looooves his mommy and smiles when I come into his field of vision. He also spends time talking with (and hitting) the dangling giraffe rattles on his bouncy seat.

Thanks to my awesome clients and friends, I achieved Star Consultant status this past quarter — my ninth! THANK YOU, LADIES!

My next big challenge is two-fold: booking 8 hostesses for the next two weeks AND giving away 8 of the new Tinted Lip Balms with SPF15. Want one? It only requires 30-40 minutes of phone time (or sit-down-for-coffee time) to let me share some information about what I do — no obligations other than giving your honest feedback. Anyone who participates not only receives a FREE lip goody but also is automatically eligible to receive unlimited "Talent Scout" gift certificates! As always, referrals are appreciated. Who do you know who likes to give her opinion? Would enjoy getting something free? Might appreciate an opportunity like what I do? Comment or call or e-mail me!

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