Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Attention, anyone who is busy or hates wasting gas/time waiting in line or in traffic: Shipping and gift wrap are always free, so let me know if I can help you get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping (or a "thank you" for your Thanksgiving hostess).

Speaking of MK shipping, I have the most ironic story. A friend's two year-old got into her mascara and smeared it all over her face, so she had me send her a new one. Well, last Monday morning, I laid out her items on the bed and went into the office to get a shipping envelope. In that short interval, Caspian opened the replacement mascara and smeared it all over his face! I made sure he didn't get anywhere near the new replacement tube. He's not nearly as distressed in that second picture as he looks. I think he was mid-sentence when I snapped it.

We started Caspian an Amazon wishlist, but haven't thought about what we're getting him ourselves. Maybe puppets — my hands are so sore (no joke) from all the "talk hand, please" in our house. Why, oh why did I ever show him that hands can talk? The only thing not on the wish list is a play kitchen. There are so many to choose from!

I'm feeling better now that Charlie has reminded me that sleeping is important. We've been taking walks almost every day, which also feels great. I'm starting on my autumn round of seasonal update facials/makeovers, and some clients have even started their Christmas shopping! It's so much fun getting to play "personal shopper" — shopping for other people and giftwrapping has always been my favorite part of gift-giving.

Charlie and I are trying to eat out free as often as we can this week. His birthday is on Sunday, so we both have a bunch of e-mail coupons.

Caspian is still brilliant and gorgeous. He "reads" so many books, and I love play-acting with him. Two year-old creativity is such a blast. Don't you just love conversations with 2yos? They are so much fun!!! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He is so exceptional. I can't believe we get to have "another one"!

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