Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We had our 12½ week visit today, and heard a gorgeous 153 bpm heartbeat. Next appointment with the midwife is 9/13. A lot of the nausea and tiredness are gone, but man, it's tough being pregnant and having a toddler! I'm also in physical therapy for my back, so prayers would be appreciated!

Caspian is thrilled to be a big brother. We pray for the baby and he sings to it and kisses it.

He loves taking apart the vaccuum attachments — especially the two long hose extenders. He pretends they're a violin and bow and "plays" them. Or sticks them together and rides them like a toy horse. Or uses them as a rifle to shoot bad guys.

On the MK front, I was accepted into a program called Top Gun, which is an elite leadership training series. Only 10 consultants in our national area got accepted! Every week, I drive 3 hours each way to Dayton, OH to attend training at my national director's house. It's pretty rigorous, so it's only for people who are really ready to move up. We have assignments each week that help us get used to moving in the fast lane, and if we don't complete our assignments for the week, we have to drop out. I do not plan to drop out, even if getting it done kills me. If anybody wants a free eye shadow or ½-price item for giving me their opinion, just e-mail me! It would help a LOT! (Know what would help even more a lot? Letting me treat you and a couple friends to some pampering this month! You know you need it.)

I'll turn 30 on Saturday, and Charlie will turn 30 on the 26th. We're not panicking or anything, but it's kind of surreal to ponder.

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