Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's 9° here, with a windchill of -9°. (That's -12.7 and -22.7 for anyone in Celsiusland.) Charlie almost had a conniption fit when he had to pump gas. We said a quick prayer for all the homeless in our area, because tonight doesn't look very survivable.

Our small town has "Wilmore Old-Fashioned Christmas" every year, where they block off main street with fire trucks and all the businesses open for socializing, free food, and live holiday music (even the post office and city hall). This year, Charlie's office did free Christmas portraits for anyone who wanted them! We weren't planning to do it, but we were there for clean-up time and decided to sit down anyway. Caspian was so tired, he pitched a fit...until they handed him a jingle bell.

Click here to see our first family "Christmas card" ever:

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Matthew & Kate said...

I miss the old fashioned Christmases. It's pretty cold here too. -20 last night, and our pipes are frozen. Nice.