Thursday, September 06, 2007

follow-up to Applebee's story
Plus, my letter to the editor got printed!

I was trying to give Caspian some practice walking in shoes instead of barefoot, but he cried bloody murder! He just sat in the hallway tugging at the Velcro, grunt-screaming in frustration. You know that noise, like when you're trying to push or pull something with all your might and it's not moving and you're really ticked-off? Kind of like labor? I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he desperately needs a nap...

Lunch was an adventure today, too. He ate green beans, grapes, bites of my sandwich, and some water. Even if his mouth was full, he started grunting and whining when he saw me eat my sandwich without him. He made this weird chuckle sound while chewed, too, like "If I can finish soon, Mommy will put more in my mouth!" I took lots of pics and video, since I'm trying to record his everyday doings (for posterity).

a fun driveway experiment

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