Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This afternoon Caspian found and brought me the thing I asked for from across the room!
He was playing with his Noah figure, carrying it around, when I realized I needed to make a phone call. He was the last one to have my phone, so I asked him where it was. He looked around and spotted it on the table. I said, "May I have it please? Go get Mommy's phone!" And he did! He walked over, picked it up, brought it back to me, and put it in my hand! I was astonished and sooo proud of him.

Incidentally, I also discovered a way to get him to drink water when he doesn't feel like it. We keep squirt bottles around the house for disciplining the cats, and Caspian likes to shake them and watch the water. Last night, he brought the living room bottle over to me and set it down, so I twisted open the nozzle and sprayed it into the air so he could see the water. Then I sprayed it in his mouth, and his face lit up. He'd swallow quickly and open his mouth for more! After a while, I got tired of it (I had been reading before the waterfest started), so I screwed the nozzle shut and put down the bottle. He picked it up and put it back in my lap, so I set it down he picked it up and put it back in my lap! At least he's getting hydrated...

I've been busy on the MK front. Had my third $1,000 week last week and just got my latest inventory order in with all the new holiday goodies...ooohh, yummy.

My parents got back a couple of weeks ago from their trip to California to visit my older brother. He works at Disney in the Consumer Products Division, and he sent back with my parents some of the baby-geared products that "didn't make it," including some Baby Einstein software. Mom just brought it over, so we haven't tried it yet.

Last thing. Here's my mom's makeover that I promised to post:

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