Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm afraid I can't deny it any longer...I have a toddler. He thinks he's the bee's knees, walking around like that. He loves raising both arms above his head, one hand open, pointer finger raised on the other hand. He also conducts music all the time, especially if someone is singing.

We got to try on an Ergo this weekend at Mother Nurture, and it was really nice. Very supportive! I probably shouldn't wear Caspian on my back without my hair up, though. Oooh, I also got two new nursing bras! I walked past the rack when I was testing the back carry and saw them. OMGosh, it feels so great to be supported again. Since they were only $25, Charlie let me get two to rotate. I look like I lost 10 pounds, my silhouette has changed so drastically!

Caspian talks a lot, it's just not comprehensible to anyone else. Charlie thinks he'll learn how to talk but not tell us, then bust out with full sentences.

I got to meet Brooke Ryan at the nurse-in on Saturday. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes with her to realize she doesn't have "an agenda" -- she was ready to throw up at the thought of having to talk to a reporter. Incidentally, they're having nurse-outs at Applebee's locations around the country next Saturday at noon! Go here to find or schedule one near you. I wish I could go so badly, but I have three appointments that day. I do get to contribute now, though! Brooke Ryan saw my MK name tag and asked if I would help her with her face for Saturday, since there'll be news crews there. I'm so glad I get to help out, somehow.

While we waited for Charlie to give blood on Friday, Caspian played with a 2yo in the waiting room. He followed him everywhere and even carried around one of the 2yo's toy cars...without putting it in his mouth! I seriously think that hour was what jump-started him walking full-time. He had a blast. He also got to play in our mall's toddler play area for the first time on Saturday. Oh my gosh, it was better than Disneyland in his eyes! I'll post pics later. He didn't sit down for 45 minutes!

Well, we made it past a Saturday without a new injury. Last night in the bath, however, Caspian stood up and leaned over the slippery tub rim and fell out face-first. Charlie and I both caught him at the same time as the underside of his chin hit the floor. He was super-startled at first, then cried, but he was okay. We were completely freaked out because of his neck. He's okay today, though.

The last two days have been the first time Caspian has spent all day in "big boy" clothes: shirt and shorts, not a onesie or romper. He's so grown up. One perk, though, is getting to rub his bare tummy whenever I want.

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