Friday, March 14, 2008

Caspian got to play in snow for the first time last Saturday when we got six inches! He would have been content for us to leave him out there forever. He carried around the same snowball almost the entire time (and ate a good chunk of it). Of course, then it was 70 degrees on Wednesday of this week, and we played in the park next door for an hour and a half. Caspian threw quite the tantrum when we took him inside.

He was pretty traumatized this morning when he tried to climb out of bed facing outward (instead of lying on his tummy) and fell flat on his back. He cried and cried, but I didn't realize how badly he got scared until naptime. He was reclining on the Boppy, so when I eased it away to use it, his head and shoulders lay flat on the bed. When he realized he was laying flat on his back, he started wailing!? He just associated laying flat on his back with pain and fear, poor thing. He fell asleep nursing almost immediately and napped for four hours straight!

The orthopaedic surgeon I saw for my arm last week wanted to prescribe some pain meds, but I told him I was still breastfeeding. Caspian was with me, and the doctor asked how old he was. When I told him "19 months," do you know what his response was? He said, "Oh — well he could still be nursing for a while, then." I totally did not expect him to be so cool!

My little brother (an Air Force captain) flew into Lexington Thursday, so we got to go see him at the air strip. My mom is always calling Caspian, "Stuart", but Stuart usually isn't there to complain. Well, when we were standing in front of Stu's plane taking pictures, mom said to Caspian, "Where's the plane, Stuart?" The real Stuart was like, "Ummm...I know this one — it's right there! Yesss!" We all burst out laughing, so Caspian thought it was a hoot.

Hey, if anybody likes tea, I'm having a tea party in April. There's this Christian company called Let's Do Tea that focuses on making others feel good through tea. We'll have fresh scones and get to sample at least three different varieties of tea while learning about hospitality, properties of tea, and how to make the perfect cup of tea. But this isn't your grandma's tea! They have over 100 free trade flavors made with natural ingredients, like Caramel Rooibos, Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Mint, and PiƱa Colada. The chocolate mint one tastes like a Thin Mint, but the only fat/calories come from the milk you add. The caramel one smelled and tasted like caramel, too. Mmmm...yummy! If you just want to sample some of their delicious wares, they have loose tea, make-your-own-tea-bag sacklets, tea cup and pot sets, and all sorts of tea-related goodies. You can ask questions or place orders through Carrie Peterson at Let's Do Tea dot com, and I'll even get credit if you order through April 11 (and mention my name)!

Everyone please pray for us, if you will. Caspian goes in for a VCUG at 1 on Tuesday, 3/25. Pray that he is free from complications and isn't traumatized too much by the procedure. Pray for Charlie and me, that we'll be strong (emotionally) and alert to his needs. Pray for the techs, that they'll get the catheter inserted correctly the first time, and with proper treatment of Caspian's intactness. Pray that Caspian doesn't have a reaction to the dye (he's got pretty bad eczema).

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